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The foundation to investing


  • ONE ROCK Fund (ONERX) is a "no-load" mutual fund, meaning there is no upfront sales charge.


  • ONE ROCK Fund seeks capital appreciation by investing primarily in publicly traded U.S. common stocks of any capitalization.

  • ONE ROCK Fund may invest in stock options, stock index futures, and stocks of foreign and emerging market issuers listed on U.S. exchanges. The Fund may also engage in short sales. 

  • ONE ROCK Fund (ONERX) is "non-diversified", meaning it can invest in fewer securities at any one time than "diversified" portfolios.  Expect many/most of these companies to be in the technology sector and exhibit strong growth in revenues, earnings and/or cash flows.  Investments will also be made in other sectors.

  • ONE ROCK Fund invests in common stocks of companies experiencing "business momentum", defined as companies with business conditions that are, in the Advisor's opinion, generally improving from its recent past or are likely to improve shortly.  The Advisor employs a bottom-up, fundamental research approach to each company and industry with a technical analysis overlay to gain a better understanding of investor sentiment and potential future risks.

  • ​ONE ROCK Fund invests in short-term opportunities that the Advisor believes to be a market overreaction to recently disclosed public news.  Such situations can be caused for many reasons including earnings, analyst rating changes, competitor changes in business outlook, secondary stock offerings, industry headline news, extraordinary events, economic reports or monetary actions.  In these circumstances, business momentum may not be a factor and the expectation is for a short-term trade.

  • ONE ROCK Fund will sell a security when the Advisor believes that the underlying reasons for the purchase are no longer valid.  Such reasons may include significant price appreciation, an adverse change in business conditions for the company, loss of market share or heightened competition, and/or better investment opportunities in other companies.​

  • ONE ROCK Fund may actively invest in stock options, stock index futures, and may engage in short sales and invest the proceeds to increase its long equity exposure.  This may result in the use of leverage.  Please see the prospectus for more details on these potential investments.

  • ONE ROCK Fund seeks to exclude direct investment in the securities issued by any company that is involved in the production or wholesale distribution of alcohol, tobacco, vaping equipment, gambling equipment, gambling enterprises, pornography, or which provide products or services that do not allow the right to life at all stages.

And did all drink the same spiritual drink:

for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them;

and that Rock was Christ.

1 Corinthians 10:4

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